The Shapes We Mae


Inner GoddessLily MyersComment

I can never contain my excitement when I draw a Queen card. The Queens in Tarot are my ultimate inspiration: they represent the strongest, wisest, most empowered female energies. The Queen of Swords is the ruling female of the mental/intellectual realm. Powerful, dazzlingly intelligent, and sharp-minded, the Queen of Swords calls to us to feel the clarity of our own minds, sharp and precise as a blade.

In our current political climate, there is a call to everyone to rise up and use the tools at our disposal for justice. The Queen of Swords reminds us to develop and use the all-powerful tool of our mind. She calls for us to continue to educate ourselves, using our discernment to find beneficial sources from which to draw our information. She also calls us to usefully turn this education into action, through deciding which actions are wise and which unnecessary. Think of the mind as a literal sword, cutting through the clutter to leave only what is necessary and beneficial. This is clarity.

You have unique wisdom to offer. Identify what that is, and share it with others around you. The Queen of Swords knows what wisdom she has to offer, and knows it is her duty to offer this knowledge to those around her. Imagine we're in a giant worldwide skill-share (because, like, we are). What is your intellectual strength? What unique skill do you have? What do you know a lot about? How can you share that knowledge with those around you? 

Discernment is a strength of the Queen. Using the clear power of her mind-sword, she can decide which actions are wise and which are time-wasters. She can decide how she wants to spend her time, and what she wants to learn about next. Don't waste energy on deliberating constantly over little decisions; just check in with your gut to connect to your deepest discernment, and make a decision. Then stop worrying about whether it was the right or wrong decision; just follow it. We have a finite amount of decision-making energy each day, and the Queen of Swords knows not to use it all up on trifling matters. Conserve your mental energy for the things that matter most.

Your mind is ever-expanding. It is a tool to be celebrated, developed, and nurtured. As the Jefferson Airplane song goes, "FEED YOUR HEAD". That's the motto for the Queen of Swords this week. Feed your head, and feel the resulting clarity of your mind's power.

It's a great week to: read, study, meditate, share knowledge, make up your mind about something, practice a new skill, teach, write, problem-solve, de-clutter, simplify.