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The Feminist's Bookshelf: HERE WE ARE

The Feminist's BookshelfLily MyersComment

Gal pals, I am THRILLED to announce the release of Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World! This awesome YA collection features 44 writers, artists, activists and thinkers-- including Mindy Kaling, Laverne Cox, Roxane Gay, Wendy Davis, and more!!!-- discussing intersectional feminism. The super-vivid collage format makes this book tons of fun, and it explores the ins and outs of feminism from widely varied perspectives. This is exactly the type of book we need now; one that underlines intersectional feminism. After all, as editor Kelly Jensen said in a Q&A on Teen Vogue, "If feminism isn't intersectional, then it's not feminism."

The book contains sections on body and mind, gender and sexuality, culture and pop culture, relationships, confidence and ambition, and going your own way. Dispersed throughout these sections are essays, poems, images, interviews, and FAQs about feminism. I'm honored to have an essay in the body & mind section called "I Have Always Eaten the Bread", about body-image obsession and moving toward self-love. I also have a poem, "Shrinking Women", in the confidence and ambition section. I'm beyond honored to have writing featured among these feminist heroines!

Each piece offers a unique and vital voice. So far I've been floored by Courtney Summers' essay on female likability in fiction; why, she asks, do we demand our female characters are likable above all else? I also loved Liz Prince's comic, "So I Guess This Is Growing Up," about learning to eschew misogyny and girl-on-girl hate. There's an excerpt too from Roxane Gay's Bad Feminist, in which she gets to the heart of what really matters in feminism-- not what color you prefer or what you like to wear, but whether you believe in true human equality. 

This collection has me laughing, crying, and hopeful about the future of feminism and of the world. In this trying time, hope and compassion are essential. Every time I open this book, I find another glimmer, a reason to believe we may be moving toward a more just world after all.

Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World is now on shelves at bookstores and for sale online.