The Shapes We Mae


Inner GoddessLily MyersComment
The gorgeous Mermaid Tarot deck by Dame Darcy.

The gorgeous Mermaid Tarot deck by Dame Darcy.

This week, I'm asking the cards specifically for hope. With the inauguration and the already-terrifying list of executive orders and freezes that Cheetoh Toddler Prez has signed, I'm finding myself dwindling into despair. It is during times like these that I often neglect the Tarot, neglect my spiritual beliefs and my deep feeling of the Divine Feminine. But it's in times like these that I need these things most. This is when I most need to connect to the cards, this deck of ancient symbolism that portrays the universality of human experience. So, my beloved Mermaid Tarot deck, what message can you give us this week, as we look forward both in fear and in hope?

I've pulled the Two of Pentacles. The main words that come to mind with this card are balance and flow. We see a mermaid buoyantly juggling two pentacles, forming the shape of the infinity sign. The world is infinite, this card seems to say. There is infinite struggle, but also infinite joy. Can we accept this balance? Can we recognize that we need one to experience the other?

Personally, I have a very hard time accepting that truth. I want to believe we can choose only the good, only the joy, only the beauty. But that's not the world we live in. We live in a world of infinite balance. It's our job to maneuver this balance with as much grace as we can.

That said, look at the angle of the pentacles she's balancing. Look at how the infinity sign lifts at the left. This, to me, is a message of hope. It's a subtle suggestion that yes, while we will always have to deal with both deep sorrow and deep joy, we can raise one up above the other. We can't eradicate suffering completely, but we can celebrate and promote healing and joy. We can focus on healing, while not ignoring the fact of pain.

Time continues and continues and continues, this card also tells us. With despair, with dreadful political and environmental decisions being made, it sometimes feels like the world is ending. But time stretches, forward and backward, indefinitely, infinitely. The universe will continue, encapsulating our billions of ups and downs. The universe will continue in an endless game of balance. That's what I see when I look at this mermaid.

Pentacles represent the material and physical aspects of life: resources, health, wealth, career, physical wellbeing. This card shows us that these material things are contained within the infinity sign. Material ups and downs are hugely significant, but they're not the biggest picture. Our ups and downs are events within the infinite. We lose sight of this when something bad happens and we feel like it's the end of the world. When I get really anxious about money or relationships or what have you, it literally feels like the world is ending. But if I can step back, if I can remind myself that however painful the situation is, it is not the biggest picture but rather a component-- it is a part of the whole, and not the whole itself-- I can regain some perspective. The pentacles are balanced within the infinite universe; they are not the entire universe themselves.

It's a great week for: resting, simple solitary activities, letting go of unnecessary time commitments, prioritizing time for sleep, seeking out tiny joys, appreciating small moments of grace, spending time with loved ones, yoga or other physical meditation, spiritual practice.

Wishing you all a sense of peace and balance. xo