The Shapes We Mae


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Happy Mermaid Tarot Tuesday! This week I'm writing happily from the children's section of the Seattle Public Library. Does life get any better than this?

Yes it does, because this week the gorgeous Mermaid Tarot deck from Dame Darcy has delivered us a phenomenal message: the Queen of Wands. AHH!!!!!!!!!!! Can I even EXPLAIN how much I love the Queen cards in Tarot? The four queens (one for each suit) represent the EPITOME of female power, Queendom, that all-around calm-and-in-control yes-I-have-my-life-together-cause-I'm-a-freaking-queen, bad-bitch energy. Queens know who they are, what they want, and how to get it. Queens are connected to their womanhood, their femininity, their potential and power. They use their power calmly and wisely because they aren't worried; they know what needs to be done, and they know how capable they are.

I mean... isn't that how we all wanna feel?

Whenever I draw a Queen card, I get so excited, because the deck is reminding me that I too have this energy; that I can tap into my powerful queendom whenever I wish. So thanks for this reminder today, Mermaid Tarot, that we can all embody the Queen of Wands.

In Tarot, wands represent passion, creativity, social life, business; basically the stuff you do in the world. Wands are active, fiery, relating to taking action and making stuff happen. So the Queen of Wands is the feminine ruler of this realm; she's a woman who's fiery, passionate, and suuuuper capable of getting lots done. And because of her fiery energy, she has fun while doing it; just look at this broad!! She's fun-loving and sassy, getting all her shit done while tossing us a wink.

The lion and sunflower pictured on this card both represent that fiery energy, the warmth that exists in this archetype. Smack in the middle of January, the warmth of this card is exactly what I want to remember. Even when it's winter, even when we feel cold or lethargic, we still have access to this warm place in which the Queen of Wands energy resides. She's always there waiting with her wink, ready to remind us that we can find this sunny warmth within ourselves. It reminds me of a Camus quote I love:

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.
— Albert Camus

This too is what the Queen of Wands tells us. We can find the summer within ourselves, that place from which to draw fiery energy and passionate determination. And once we find that place, there's no stopping us; just like this Queen, we are capable of so much. And this doesn't just mean "productive" stuff, although she is great for stuff like business, creativity, and projects-- she also reminds us to be social, to go out into the external world and have fun, enjoy the abundance of both the natural and social environments that surround us.

The Queens always offer a reassurance, a wink and a whisper that say hey, girl, you're doing really well. You've got it under controlYeah, you're not perfect and you've still got fifty things on your to-do list? Fine. Doesn't make you not a Queen. Queens aren't perfect, they're just calmly in the seat of their own power, commanding their beautiful, messy lives. So flawed and messy as you are, know that you too are the Queen of Wands, powerful and infinitely capable.

It's a great week to: take walks, go dancing, socialize, do art projects, engage in your passions, paint, surround yourself with yellow and other warm colors, hang out by a fire, drink tea and other hot beverages, laugh, wink, get yourself some flowers, make serious progress on your to-do list, be silly.