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Ode to my Rock n' Roll Goddesses

Inner Goddess, Mindful MediaLily MyersComment

It's been a rough few weeks for me (see below, re: shitstorm). In times like this, there is one fail-safe form of inspiration, one place I can go to reinstate my power: listening to my goddesses of rock n' roll. I'm talkin' bout the ladies that drip with attitude, that find power in their sadness and their anger, that control a room and command a stage. I'm talkin' bout women who write about the depth and breadth of their emotions, and look BADASS while doing it. When I listen to these artists, I'm not only flooded with inspiration; I feel comforted, that there are other complex women out there struggling and celebrating. I feel motivated to push on. I feel in awe of their talent. And I feel at ease because I know I'll always carry these voices and these songs with me.

When shit gets rough, you need your rock n' roll goddesses to turn to. You need your playlist at the ready. Grab some headphones and dig IN.

1. Mitski

Have you HEARD Mitski's newest album "Puberty 2" yet? It's literally been on repeat all summer for me. This masterpiece spans genres and emotions, creating a raw collage of sound beneath Mitski's heavenly voice. Her lyrics are both profoundly poetic and wryly intelligent; her words ooze power. She can go from punk bursting with energy ("My Body's Made of Crushed Little Stars") to haunted desperation ("Crack Baby"). It's a flawless album, and Mitski is a veritable  fireball of power.

2. Mima Good

If you don't know Mima Good yet, you're about to. This badass blues-grunge-rock-n-roll witch is taking NYC by storm. With the raw power of her voice, her biting feminist critique, her emotive, intense performances, and her all-female band (The Coven of Mima Good) behind her, this girl commands any stage. Oh, and she just happened to write the theme song for the SWM podcast. Yeah, we're stoked about it.

3. Adia Victoria

Adia Victoria's bold, bluesy debut Beyond the Bloodhounds came out this year, and it showed everyone that she's here to f**king slay. She writes commanding, intense songs that deal with stormy emotions, the devil, emotional turmoil, and growing up in the south. Rock out to these powerful tracks, but go see her live if you can-- her stare is utter magic. When she takes the stage, she's not messing around. Her raspy, sometimes desperate voice pierces right through you.

4. Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen is probably the coolest girl I know. Okay, I don't know her, but I pretend I do. She writes wistful, gorgeous, haunting, and powerful tunes that strike deep. She can go from acoustic, almost yodeling folk (on Halfway Home) to garage-blues-grunge (on Burn Your Fire For No Witness). Now she's out with a brand new album, MY WOMAN. She writes so brilliantly about solitude, about loneliness even in love, and about strength by yourself: "but the moment you step away/ I am forced to look in and face/ all the things that I've ever been without you," she writes on Halfway Home's track "You Are Song". Too true, Angel, too true.

Who are your rock n roll goddesses??! Let me know in the comments!