The Shapes We Mae


Inner GoddessKate WeinerComment

Lily friend is very into Tarot (check out her awesome Goddess Tarot Tuesday column as well as her Fiverr page for a personal reading). I'm not as cuckoo for (gluten-free/organic/fair trade) cocoa puffs as she is about the whole thing BUT the more I learn about her passion, the more open I am to this rich world. Lily says that Tarot isn't the absolute truth—it's a way to illuminate what's going on in our lives. Every reading inspires me to be more attuned to my surroundings, to see the situations I'm experiencing in a new light. 

Dipping my toes into Tarot has opened me up in so many ways. For one, I think it's really important to respect our friend's passions and to explore together what makes 'em tick (I know it means the world to me when my friends join me for a hike or take some time to garden). For another, it's healthy to crank your heart open to fresh ways of thinking. Although I've long been in desperate love with the messages interwoven into the moon cycles and loamy soil, I used to harbor a hearty dose of cynicism toward Tarot. It wasn't until my friend Lynn introduced me to Goddess Cards and I found a spiritual middle ground that I started to understand the mystery and magic embedded in Tarot. Tarot links me to a luscious lineage of witchy women who drew from the natural world to divine meaning in their lives. I love that! 

I don't think I'll ever wholeheartedly abide by astrological signs and I listen to my horoscope only when it's got juicy predictions for my love life. But I do value nurturing a connection to the natural world, to goddesses and to myths, through Tarot. As a mountain mermaid, it's pretty vital.