The Shapes We Mae


Mindful MediaKate WeinerComment

Lily and I went to Pickathon this weekend. It was an incredible experience—camping in the starlit woods is my happy place—but what will stay with me most is the raw magic radiated by the many inspiring female musicians who took to the stage. Hurray for the Riff Raff was electrifying; Thao  & The Get Down Stay Down rocked. Lily and I were particularly captivated by Adia Victoria, however. Watching her perform, I couldn't shake off just how vulnerable she was. Sometimes she exuded confidence and other times unease. Her voice would waver, her eyes would wander—and suddenly, she'd focus in and you'd feel the full resonance of her gothic blues. She was totally rad but also REAL in a way I've very rarely seen on stage before. Her performance haunted me because she claimed her imperfections, bared her soul, spoke about loneliness and insecurity and not quite fitting in. 

Music is about a thousand and one things. For us at SWM, it's connection, it's illumination, it's love, it's loss. It's listening in on another's story and thinking yep, you said it. 

Check her out and be sure to share with us whose music is rocking your world too.