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My Feminism Is A Magical Feminism (or: why I'm a witch)

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Full moon 2nite 🔮🔮 you ready?

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Here at SWM we've been talking a lot about power. It's become my main thematic word for this year; just repeating the word power to myself makes me brighten, bubble, and begin to brim over with ideas and excitement. I've begun connecting strongly to feminine archetypes of power (mermaids, anyone?!?!?!?!) If you dig this stuff and want to hear our thoughts on power, be sure to check out our podcast episode on the subject.

This spring, the awesome gals at Feminist Wednesday gave me the opportunity to write about a huge source of power for me-- my connection to witchcraft and feminism, and how these two are inextricably linked for me. It's a subject that's so near to my heart. Read the full article here, or click the photo below.