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SWM Podcast 8: Tapping Into Power

SWM PodcastLily Myers1 Comment

Alright. Power has been HUGE on our minds lately. Between Beyonce's Lemonade, Kate and I both moving to brand-new exciting places, and my ongoing obsession with mermaids, it's just a female-power-infused era. Thank goddess.

With that in mind, we're BACK IN ACTION with episode eight of our podcast series. We talk all the ways to tap into our power, and bust some myths about power (like how it has no relation to perceived perfection), and commit to making power a practice. Tune in!

As always, huge thanks to Mima Good for our delicious theme music! Check her OUT!

And with power in mind, THIS SONG BY SIA HAS BEEN MAKING ME FEEL SO POWERFUL LATELY. Seriously. If you need a three-minute shortcut to feeling AMAZING, go ahead and listen to this.