The Shapes We Mae

It's A Formation Kind Of Day

Kate WeinerComment

I dream it

I work hard

I grind 'til I own it


It was a rough last few days. But today? It's a new day, and it is most definitely a FORMATION kind of day. I'm going to get my laundry done (HELL YES), shop for plants because living with green makes me feel alive, and cook an almond eggplant parm with friends. 

Yes—these are mostly errands. Stuff I've been meaning to get done. With Beyonce's "Formation" stuck in my head, however, even the most mundane to-do list is imbued with a spirit of badassery. Last night, biking home from pottery class, covered in clay, sore from a long weekend, I sang the "Formation" chorus the forty minutes until home and it was the strongest I'd felt since the morning.  I thought about everything and everyone that I want to fight for in this life and was reminded that delicious dreaming is nothing without deliberate doing. "Formation" is a fierce anthem for getting shit done. But it's also a mirror in my mind for community action. 

If you want something to happen, you have to put in the work to make it happen. Magic isn't random. What have you been dreaming up? Take the time today to put your wild wishes into words and find a way to do it—to grind until you OWN it.