The Shapes We Mae


Mindful MediaKate WeinerComment

One more lesson I learned from my mama? That 2 Dope Queens is AWESOME (she suggested that I check out Queens while under the weather. Best sick day EVER). This podcast, hosted by Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams—both talented writers and comedians as well as grade-A badasses— is funny, sharp, explorative, brilliant, and (yes, again) badass. Their friendship and fearlessness is energizing

From interviews with trailblazing female writers to musings on sexism in the workplace, Phoebe and Jessica dig deep into tricky territory with moxie and mindfulness. Over the course of a single podcast, I found myself laughing hard AND thinking hard. Phoebe and Jessica explore identity politics in a way that's engaging, enlightening, and accessible. And I LOVE that they are so open with their own stories. Both women share a fierce sense of humor and a willingness to confront the uncomfortable. In doing so, Phoebe and Jessica have created that rare podcast that simultaneously immobilizes you (I literally laughed so hard I had to grab my bed frame for support) and mobilizes you (a single listen is like a dose of creative adrenaline).

Got the Monday blues? There's no better remedy than 2 Dope Queens. P.S.: We're always looking for new podcasts to listen to. What are your favorites? Share with us at or post in the comments below.