The Shapes We Mae


musicKate WeinerComment

Photo: Courtesy of Wet

Lately, I've been loving listening to female voices. Kelly Zutrau of indie pop band Wet has me totally transfixed. Her voice lifts Wet's latest album—the every-single-track-is-fire "Don't You"—to eerily beautiful heights. "Don't You" is the kind of record that sinks into your soul. When I first listened to the full thing through, it truly resonated with my last six months. So many of the lyrics made me go "wow, yes." Having that sort of musical experience is just precious.

Listen to one of my favorite tracks "Deadwater," below. I hope you'll find as much strange beauty and weird comfort in these songs as I did. "Don't You" is about heartache, rejection, loss. But there's strength too, in the vulnerability of these songs, in Zutrau's willingness to tell the truth.