The Shapes We Mae


Dirty GirlKate WeinerComment

Inspired by our friends Camila and Sadasia of holistic body care company Cocobee, I've been cultivating a couple beauty rituals to bring a sense of nourishment and tenderness into my own life. These small acts of self-care are incredibly grounding and make me feel beautiful. What's more, as I learn about the relationship between sustainable living and the maker movement (DIY trumps disposability any day!) these beauty rituals serve as a low-stakes opportunity to get experimental. When you create something with your own hands—even if it's as small as a spoonful of a superfluous facial mask—it gets you revved up to make more. The sensuous act of creation really can take you places, from learning to mix your own compost to building a little window garden to ring in spring.

Below, a simple recipe for showing your sweet self some succulent love.


1/2 avocado

2 Drops Jojoba Oil

Splash Kefir Yogurt

Squeeze Honey

Stir the ingredients together until smooth. Pat onto face and let sit for 30 minutes or more. As I rest and read a book, I like to make myself a cup of nourishing herbal tea. Once the tea is warm, I remove the bag and use it to wipe my face clean. I get mocked mercilessly by my friends and family for always washing my face with a tea bag but all I'm going to say is: DON'T KNOCK IT 'TILL YOU'VE TRIED IT. It feels really good.

NOTE: Although I live in a region of the world where avocados grow in abundance, the jojoba oil I use isn't local. I treat this mask as a luxury and feel that it's wise to do the same anytime you're consuming something shipped in from miles away.

What are your favorite beauty rituals?