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Honoring The Earth

Dirty GirlKate WeinerComment

Healing our environment is everything. There is nothing we can do—no ideas we can nurture, no projects we can bring to life—without a planet to live on.

As Lily and I talk about in our podcast, The Sensuous Environmentalist, however, we don't need to fight for our future from a place of fear. We can bring a spirit of succulence, of joy and juiciness, to our activist work. We can make micromovements in service of a sustainable lifestyle. We can cultivate communities and embed ourselves in ecosystems that encourage within us a passion to protect and a desire to wholly inhabit the now. We can carve out the time in our days to smile up at the sky. We can embrace a trash-light life. We can walk more and waste less and love with everything we have.

To help you get started on climate conscious changes, we're sharing our favorite ideas for incorporating sustainable practices into your own life as a radical, wild, change-making feminist. Here's to fighting for what matters from a place of vitality and vivaciousness.


Lily's essay The Spiritual Diet, will help you learn how to better align your values with your actions. Says Lily: Finding your own spiritual diet is a practice of consciously and actively asking: does this habit feel right to me, according to my personal beliefs and values? It requires an unflinching inquiry into why you choose the diet you do. If you’re a meat eater, explore that! Connect to what meat is. Where it came from, how it was killed, what it means to consume it. Perhaps, to you, eating meat could mean meaningfully participating in the cycle of life and death. Perhaps not. But either way, confront it; engage with it. That’s the spiritual diet.


Embrace closed-loop cooking with friends and check out Loam's trash-light toolkits for advice on how to turn living with less into a delicious act of self-care. Yes, please.


Alison Znamierowski has your back when it comes to truly learning to inhabit the spaces you live in. Grow where you are planted.