The Shapes We Mae


Inner GoddessLily MyersComment
The Goddess Tarot was created and illustrated by Kris Waldherr.

The Goddess Tarot was created and illustrated by Kris Waldherr.

Hello lovelies, and happy Goddess Tarot Tuesday! I hope your weeks have started out lusciously.

I especially hope that because this week's card, the Three of Swords, is a particularly tricky one. It's not a negative card at all, but it suggests that we've got some work to do; some head-heart-communication work. This type of work can be hard to begin, but it can also result in amazingly rewarding changes.

As you can see in this card's image, a heart is pierced by three swords. It may look violent, but it's not a violent card; don't worry. Swords here represent not weapons but the mind. So, our mind and heart are somehow entangled here; our head is getting stuck somewhere in our heart, or perhaps wounding our heart with sharp thoughts.

I've always thought of this as the miscommunication-between-head-and-heart card. Somehow your emotions and your rational thoughts are not in alignment. Are you ignoring your true feelings about something? Is your rational mind silencing your emotions? Are you repressing an emotional encounter you've had? Or, the other way around, is your heart somehow silencing your mind? Is your emotional desire making you ignore a rational thought that's trying to tell you something important?

This card doesn't tell us exactly what's going on in this specific situation, but it tells us to dig deeper into our behavior. Where are our mind and heart not speaking?

For me, this often shows up as my mind ignoring something that's causing me emotional turmoil. Often, if something upsetting happens to me but I don't want to be upset, I won't think about the upsetting event at all. I just put it out of my mind, so I don't have to feel the negative feelings it provokes. But this only works for a limited time. After all, I haven't really forgotten about the upsetting event; I've just pushed it down out of sight for a while. But it always resurfaces-- that's just how humans work. The upsetting event will rear its ugly head, and I will feel the resulting emotions, like it or not. It's only a matter of time. So it's a better idea to gently address it early on, rather than letting it stew below the surface. I still work on this, and this is one of the cards that reminds me to do such work.

This week, be honest with yourself. If you're not being honest with yourself about an emotional or mental truth, some part of you will probably know. Some part of you probably senses that something is off. Gently prod that part. What can it tell you?

To get to the bottom of this, you can try to facilitate a dialogue by actually giving your mind and heart voices. This is a super helpful writing/thought exercise; one of the most profound poetic experiences I've had was when I wrote a poem from my body to my mind. I gave my body a voice, and let it say all the things it wanted to. It showed me things about myself I hadn't yet acknowledged, and it was truly cathartic. Try the same idea using your head and your heart as characters. You might write a dialogue or argument between them. For example:

My heart: Ugh, I'm hurting because I think my relationship might end soon. I'm worried that I'm going to be so, so sad about it.

My mind: Be quiet. Let's not think about it. If I don't think about it, it won't hurt.

And remember, when you're doing this type of work, don't get mad at your head or your heart. They're doing their best, and it's hard to break old habits. So be patient with yourself, and try to open the lines of communication within yourself kindly. 

It's a great week for: automatic writing (where you just write, without consciously directing your pen or censoring any of your words. See what comes out automatically when you put your pen on paper with no rules and no thought!), dream analysis/dream journaling (which can show you strong messages from your subconscious mind), spending time alone (a rambling, meditative walk without a destination is perfect). These are all ways of getting into a slightly different state, which can loosen up your thought patterns and help you get in touch with what's going on deep inside you.

Happy head-and-heart-talking, goddesses! This is going to be a sweet, soulful week. xo