The Shapes We Mae


PoetryLily MyersComment


From the lovely Luisa comes a beautiful poem on cherishing time with your sisterhood of friends. Want more? Check out her inspiring piece in Loam on learning to nourish her body and mind, equally. 

tickling digits instigate nape chills

and others yearn for a connection as childish

snoozing on my side

spontaneous twitches are reminders of simple intimacy

crumbs have become the most endearing

shared contact through wires and skin

sound and touch

rejected double kisses when the committee nips the ribs

embraced double kisses when observing another

cautious of pricking the anxious vein and the trifling reach

allows me to e x h a l e

comforted by the role of comforter

inching closer and sweet anticipation makes heart race

is that safe?

and when high fives are the excuse that allows for further affection

the distinction between nerves and warmth is blurred

Assumes curl and welcomes others to join

soft pillows catch our deepest worries and pains

as we discuss and try to comfort


another March another cake another year

assisting with the thoughts that growing together

older and bigger only allow more room for sunnier springs

mood does not match vocabulary

which I lack

so trying to be as much, suddenly inspired

hours pass to the tic of confessions

an embrace that is not connected but is so whole

answering questions only when asked but liberated by just this small gesture


continuing to explore my love for, about, and of them

hold up the masts, uncertain and strong, with which I walk