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How Can You Really Practice Self-Love?

Body Love, Inner GoddessKate WeinerComment

Lily and I recently had the opportunity to talk to HelloFlo (an awesome site for period empowerment) about cultivating a holistic practice of body love. Both Lily and I have been profoundly shaped by our mindfulness and meditation studies in our approach to loving who we are. As Lily notes:

When I began to learn about mindfulness and meditation several years ago, that was really a turning point for me. It introduced me to the idea that ego is a construct; that this idea of the desired “perfect body,” and who it would turn me into, was just an idea I’d thought up, and wasn’t of substance.

It also introduced me to the idea that each moment is fleeting, ever-changing, and we are ever-changing along with that. It made me realize I am fluid, unable to stick to any set notion of who I should be or what my body should look like! Meditation also taught me to notice my thoughts, rather than fully identify with them. So now, if I have a food-guilty thought, I can notice it happening rather than getting swept up in it. I can say, “Oh, that’s interesting, I see that thought pattern arising. I know what it is; it’s food guilt, and I don’t need to indulge that thought anymore.” Then I can let it go.

Noticing thoughts—without judgment, without shame—can be a strong first step toward learning to hold your body in your heart. For more thoughts on inhabiting who you are, read the rest of our interview here. We are so grateful to share our stories with you and hope you'll share your stories with us! What do you do to bring self-love into your life? What practices make you feel most at home in your beautiful body?