The Shapes We Mae

Pro Tip: Use Your Power Words

Inner GoddessKate WeinerComment

We've talked before at SWM about the value of "power posing" (see Amy Cuddy's awesome TEDTalk for inspiration).

But it's not just about power posing—your power words matter too.

Lately, I've found comfort in an (admittedly absurd) series of words that have helped me bring my best to the table when I'm feeling unsure. My three words?



and Foxy As F**K.

That mantra of sorts makes me laugh and gives me something to aspire to. I want to be a fighter who goes after what I wish for in this world and who works hard to heal the earth that I so deeply love. I want to have the emotional strength to tend to my heart when I'm hurt and to care for others when things don't work out the way that we imagined. And I want to look good while I'm at it—which has nothing to do with my appearance and everything to do with cultivating a holistic body love practice.

For me, my three power words are heuristics for remembering these much deeper (and way less catchy) truths. When I need a short burst of energy, I say to myself I'm tenacious, resilient, and foxy as f**k and it makes me feel silly and strong all at once. Which I think is a pretty good way to be—playfulness should always have a place in our approach to being.

What are your power words? Try a few out and see how you feel. And maybe throw in a few power poses while you're at it.