The Shapes We Mae


Kate WeinerComment

Solange's latest album, A Seat at the Table, has seen me through these hard weeks. She speaks to so many issues—expressing anger, navigating feminism, channeling creativity, working through pain—that have risen for me in the last year or so and especially in the last month as I figure out a powerful plan of action for challenging the Trump Administration. Her words, her art, inspire me to continue to find fresh ways to merge my activist interests with my instinctual desire to create. Pretty much every song on the album is magic but my very favorites are "Mad" and "Cranes in the Sky." Listening to "Mad" validated the anger I feel that so often, as a woman, I can't be angry. And tuning into the lyrics of "Cranes in the Sky" profoundly illuminated for me the sense of lingering sorrow and confusion that's cropped up since graduating. Solange sings about trying to dance and work and run away her darker feels and I thought about how I had done those very same things to temper my sadness. Hearing that someone else shared that experience—and had made art with it—released a little heaviness in my soul.