The Shapes We Mae


Inner GoddessLily MyersComment

Wow. It's a special week, friends: we've pulled The Moon, one of my absolute favorite cards in the Tarot. Dame Darcy's take on the Moon card for her Mermaid Tarot deck is especially gorgeous and pregnant with meaning. Feast your eyes and souls, m'dears!

The Moon is a strong reminder to check in with your intuition. Now is the time to draw inward, to listen to the deepest inner voice you can find within yourself. Now is the time to fall still, stay silent a little longer, and hear any messages your intuition may be sending you. Now is the time to look for the mysteries in your everyday life, to see the hidden meanings behind seemingly normal things.

The Moon is above all a mysterious energy. It reminds us to make friends with the mystery, to dive into it, to revel in not knowing. It reminds us that so much of our psyche remains obscured in the shadows of our subconscious; we often don't know why we're acting a certain way, or we don't acknowledge our hidden desires. The Moon reminds us to go inward and enter these darker places within ourselves, and shine a gentle inquisitive light on them. 

The Moon is a feminine archetype; she reminds us to connect with the feminine energy in our souls, to respect our feminine nature, to care for and listen to our bodies. She is also a symbol of cycle and rebirth; each month, of course, we watch her go from full to new, full to new (today is actually a new moon in Sagittarius!). We're invited to leave behind our linear timelines for a moment-- forget your schedule, forget your to-do list-- and instead view time as more malleable, as cyclic, as repeatedly offering us the chance to begin again. We are never stuck; the moon continues to wax and wane, wax and wane, and we may wax and wane with her.

The Moon also invites us to connect to our inner wildness. The card shows a half-woman, half-lobster/scorpion emerging from the water, flanked by two wolves howling at the full moon. Doesn't get much wilder than that, now, does it?!!! This particular image always reminds me of the fantastic book Women Who Run With The Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Through mythology and archetypes, the book urges women to reconnect with our innate wildness, the parts of us that want to run completely free and fierce. That's the feeling this card gives me. It's time to loosen up our restraints and our control. It's time to connect more deeply to our sense of wild self, to our inner freedom, to the strong voice inside us that knows what we want.

This is a great week for: moon-gazing, journalling, frolicking, breaking habits, breaking rules, Tarot or other divination, walking in the moonlight, introspection, spiritual practice, lighting incense, loosening up on your schedule.

Happy wilding, moonbeams! xo