The Shapes We Mae


Inner GoddessLily MyersComment

Happy Tarot Tuesday, loves! I'm using Dame Darcy's fabulous Mermaid Tarot again this week; this is a beautiful, light-hearted deck, perfect for inviting some fun and colorful mermaid-esque energy into your life.

This week we've got the Judgment card. I think of this as the Higher Purpose card; it represents your life purpose, your life mission, what you feel your contribution is during this lifetime. I know, I know, big questions. Drawing this card doesn't mean you need to figure any of those questions out; it's more about tuning in and feeling around for what could be your higher purpose, at least right now. And purposes change, of course; it's not about committing to something, but rather constantly checking in with yourself to see if this path you're on is still a good one for you.

This card encourages us to use our judgment, too, to tell whether we're making choices that will lead us down the path we desire. This can be difficult. For instance, I know that my higher purpose involves wisdom, clarity of mind, intuition, and spiritual connection. As such, I know that meditation and meditative activities are direct pathways to my higher purpose! And yet, it's still hard to get myself to sit down and actually freakin' meditate. I know how good it would be for me, how it really fits with my goals and my pursuits, and yet-- it's rare that I consistently practice it.

Rather than beat myself up about this lack of consistency, this card encourages me to re-tune in with my better judgment. Starting where I am right now, what can I do that will lead me toward my higher purpose?

If all this "higher purpose" talk is a bit much for you, or feels too long-term or daunting, you can rephrase it as: what is your purpose today? What is the most important thing you want to achieve or communicate or practice today? Maybe that's self-care, or progress on a certain project, or working on fixing a relationship. Whatever it is, use your better judgment-- your best decision-making mind-- to make choices that will lead you toward that one goal. And let other things fall to the wayside.

Did you know that we have a certain, limited amount of decision-making energy? In any given day, you can't spend all your time making decisions; you just run out of energy. So save that energy for the decisions that truly matter. I could spend half an hour trying to figure out the most nutritious possible breakfast, but is that really how I want to use my precious energy? If breakfast isn't my priority (and it's not), then I'm better off picking something and then moving on to something that does feel important to the day. So when you lock in on what that higher purpose is (again, this could just be your purpose for the day, not your whole life)-- let other small decisions fall away. You don't have to care about every single one. Give yourself permission not to care too much about the things that don't feel important to your path today.

And if you do know what your life's higher purpose is, fantastic! Find ways each day to work toward that goal, that path. Give yourself permission to let other things go. We only have a limited amount of time and energy. Allow yourself to pursue only the things that feel really important to you.

It's a great week for: setting boundaries, setting up a routine, saying no to commitments/invitations, writing down your goals, communicating clearly, meditating, any type of spiritual practice, and letting old habits/commitments go. All these things can be very transformative-- I hope you're excited for a very growth-filled week!

Happy judgment-making and life-path-walking, friends! xo