The Shapes We Mae


Inner GoddessLily MyersComment
The Goddess Tarot was created by  Kris Waldherr.

The Goddess Tarot was created by  Kris Waldherr.

Hello lovely goddesses! Happy Tarot Tuesday! This week is leading up to my absolute favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN!!! Perfect time for diving into the cards and seeing what mystical messages the universe has for us right now....

This week we've got the Prince of Swords. It's a week for diving into our intellectual nature. Swords have to do with clarity of mind and intellect, and the Prince is someone who chases these ideals enthusiastically and stubbornly.

This week, prioritize your own intellectual pursuits. Whether that's a fantastic book you're reading, a subject you love to research online, an academic pursuit, or a strange and new curiosity you have, follow your mind's urges. You know when you're learning about something fascinating, and your mind feels totally stimulated? That's exactly the feeling you should chase this week. I always think of that line from the Jefferson Airplane song about Alice in Wonderland: "feed your head". That's this week's motto: feed your head.

The Prince is a masculine archetype, meaning that he prioritizes his own interests, knowing he must take care of himself first in order to take care of others. So be a little selfish this week. Sure, you could do your friend a time-consuming favor or grudgingly pick up someone else's shift, but why not instead claim that time for pursuing your own interests? For reading the book that's fascinating you? We're taught so intensely not to be selfish that we're often scared to take any time for ourselves. But who could you become, if you really could pursue all your curiosities? Don't you want to find out?

Focus on clarity of mind this week, too. Stay away from mind-clouding substances and pastimes, and instead increase your focus by getting enough rest, meditating, exercising, staying hydrated, and turning off the TV. Often we look at these things as chores-- like oh, I have to be healthy, ugh-- but what if they unlock the key to fascination, curiosity, mental stimulation, epiphanies, and a total intellectual orgasm? Sounds a little more fun now, doesn't it?

Chase your intellectual bliss. Just like the Prince of Swords, take time for yourself. Picture yourself a mental pioneer in an endlessly fascinating universe. There's so much for you to learn, for you to know. Where will you begin?

It's a great week to: read, follow an obscure curiosity, go to a talk or lecture, meditate, get enough sleep, follow esoteric pursuits, journal, watch documentaries.

Happy mind-feeding, friends! xo