The Shapes We Mae


Kate WeinerComment

My friend Alison (a featured SWM columnist and writer for I Am That Girl) sent me a postcard last week rich with ideas for how to infuse a little bit of bliss into your day-to-day. Her suggestion to build a blanket fort in the bathtub was the perfect antidote to the winter blues. Alison's words were a reminder to make myself a cozy nest right where I was; to find a little space of my own and settle down.

In "A Room Of One's Own," Virginia Woolf argues for the necessity of personal space. Having a room of one's own isn't just about privacy; it's about laying the foundation for creativity. We need some kind of sanctuary to nurture our spirit, some site that is ours and ours alone. These personal spaces give us independence, grant us license to explore, and provide us with a home to house our messy, beautiful wholeness.

Where is your place of respite? And how can you create a sanctuary wherever you go? As I prepare for a long-distance move, I've been mulling over my need to nest. Maybe I won't make a pillow fort in the bathtub (think I need to talk that out with my roommates!) but I am excited by the possibility of adorning a space to sink into at the end of the day. I imagine a vertical garden on my wall and twinkly lights to brighten the room and all the small things that can make a room feel like yours.

Nest well and write to us about how you are creating a room of your own! We always love to listen.