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Inner GoddessLily MyersComment
The Goddess Tarot was created and illustrated by Kris Waldherr.

The Goddess Tarot was created and illustrated by Kris Waldherr.

OH MY GODDESS, guys. For the first Goddess Tarot Tuesday of 2016, the cards have delivered an astounding gift: the very first card of the entire deck, card number zero, Beginnings. This is huge. The entire Tarot deck can be seen as a metaphor for life's journey. We start at the beginning with 0 (in traditional decks, this card is The Fool. The name doesn't imply ignorance or stupidity but rather newness, optimism, that fresh-faced first step out into the world). We then move through all the cards in the deck, which represent all of life's events, happy and sad, large and small. So to draw 0, Beginnings, is highly symbolic of new starts. It's a reminder that we are constantly beginning, constantly becoming.

In the Goddess Tarot deck, this important first card is represented by the Tibetan Buddhist goddess Tara. She is a mother goddess, sometimes known as the "mother of liberation". We can see this card, then, as representing our constant re-birth in the world; the constant possibility of change, the fact that each moment materializes and dissolves away, only to make room for a new moment. We are always being born. Tara's name can also mean "she who causes one to cross". Her guidance can help us move through challenges, coming out the other side with greater wisdom. And because each Tarot card represents an archetype that is inside of us, Tara's helpful guidance is something we already carry. We simply must tap into it. We remind ourselves of her energy inside of us, and we begin. As Kris Waldherr writes in the companion guide to The Goddess Tarot, "Time for the start of a great journey."

When looking toward the future, I often find myself getting bogged down by the past. It's hard to imagine starting something new because I have so much old stuff that feels messy or distracting, or needs finishing, or is somehow tugging on my mind, demanding attention. Tara reminds us that we can start fresh. We can let go of the past; after all, it's already let go of us. So if right now, today, is the start of your new story, without any past baggage, what would you do? What would you begin?

It's still just the beginning of 2016. What journey do you want to map out this year? It's a great time to write down goals, however fantastic they may be. It's also a great time to renew any old habits that you've let fall by the wayside. Don't worry; if you've forgotten them, it doesn't mean you've failed. No need for such judgement. Instead, you can simply pick them up again. Easy! It's also an ideal time to start learning a new skill or hobby that you've been wanting to try. You don't have to worry about committing yourself entirely to it; just begin, and see how that feels. Enjoy the new challenge, and see where it takes you.

Each day is the beginning of a new story. If you lose track of your goals, don't worry. You can begin again, at any moment.