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Goddess Tarot Tuesday: the Seven of Swords

Inner GoddessLily MyersComment

It's pouring on Tuesday night here in NYC. It's a stormy week-- volatile weather as well as volatile emotions, according to this week's card, the seven of swords. The suit of swords is very significant right now; I almost never draw swords for myself, but this week I've drawn several in my personal readings. Swords represent the intellect; they're about focusing, and cutting away all that is distracting your focus. Swords can be useful tools for clarity and drive, pruning away that which you don't need in your life, but they can also be turned against you as weapons. The seven of swords represents this feeling of vulnerability. It calls for caution, especially in attacking or criticizing anyone else; like the sword, this can be turned against you. However, this card also represents the ability to defend yourself.

This week, focus on these questions: what do you need to defend yourself from? What do you need to focus on? What distractions can you cut away with the blade of your sword? Be extra careful when throwing around sharp words at others, and don't be surprised if you feel more sensitive than usual. But don't worry--this volatile state is temporary, and there are always things to learn from it. Also, the suit of swords is associated with the Egyptian fertility goddess Isis, who used her strength and her love to bring her murdered husband back to life, conceive a son, and bring his killer to justice. Now there's a goddess that knew how to use her swords.

The deck I use is The Goddess Tarot, created by Kris Waldherr.