The Shapes We Mae


Kate WeinerComment

Walking through NYC this weekend, the city has been frenetic in preparation of both the Pope's arrival and an onslaught of climate change sessions at the U.N. There's a certain energy--a certain hopefulness--that his encyclical will work in tandem with upcoming climate change talks to profoundly impact how we address environmental devastation. In the thick of this chaos, I've found grace in the lovely, direct prose of Mary Oliver. She's a poet and environmentalist who evokes the beauty and rawness and death and life in nature--and so, in us.

Environmentalist. Feminist. Poet. Naturalist. Mary Oliver is as much at home in being with herself as she is waxing poetic on the richness of the natural world. Take the time today to read through a book of hers; she's published many. And listen to one of her favorites, below, the gorgeous "Wild Geese" that is a reminder to each of us that we do not have to be good, we just need to be