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Goddess Tarot Tuesday: the Two of Staves

Inner GoddessLily MyersComment

This week I'm starting a new tradition: breaking out my favorite deck of Goddess Tarot cards and doing a reading for the week. This deck has helped me through highs, lows, transitions, breakups, life crises…. and it's never failed to give me some perspective and wisdom. So each week I'll read one card: one focus, one motivation, one meditation to remember for the next seven days.

Today's card: The Two of Staves

I was so happy to pick the Two of Staves for this week-- it's an exciting card, all about new ventures, new ideas, and turning inspiration into action. It's a great card for the beginning of fall-- whether you're starting a new year at school, a new job or a new creative project, this card bodes well for you. It also symbolizes partnership, so it's a great time to pair up with somebody to turn your ideas into reality. The suit of Staves is all about dynamic energy-- it's active, creative, and strong. Staves are associated with the Norse goddess Freyja, who represents creativity, fertility, and beauty. (Plus, she rode through the sky in a chariot drawn by magical grey cats. Yes.) The Two of Staves encourages you to SEIZE the surrounding creative energy and do something with it! The stage is set for you to go, go, go!

The Goddess Tarot deck I use was created by Kris Waldherr.