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It's MY Period Party and I'll Do What I WANT

Body LoveKate WeinerComment

Recently, while feeling pretty crummy from period pains, my boyfriend suggested that we throw a little period party. We'd make my favorite foods and take it easy together.

It was the best idea ever (and an excellent distraction from my cramps). We complain about our periods--and rightfully so, sometimes menstruating just plain sucks--but it's also a part of our lives worth celebrating. Throwing a period party was fun. I designed a theme--red EVERYTHING--and spent a delicious Sunday afternoon cooking up a feast as a way to nourish my body and my hormone-addled brain.

Luckily, I never grew up ashamed of my period. I talked about it with my mom and my dad and my brother. But for many of my friends, it was, and sometimes still is, a source of real shame. It can make us feel dirty or undesirable. And it's this culture of insecurity, of self-doubt, that I'd like us to challenge.

Here's a new tip to try out next time your red wave rolls around: throw a period party! Yes, it's silly, and that's the point. Gather with your closest girlfriends and cook an indulgent meal or order pizza and crash on the couch. A period party is the right dose of absurdity. It reminds you that your body is working right, that you are synched up with a CELESTIAL BEING (la luna!) and that even when you are bloated and tired and feeling meh, there are still reasons to smile. And if not that, eat a donut just because it's your period party and you get to do whatever you want.