The Shapes We Mae

The Still Not Asking For It Project

ActivismKate WeinerComment

Let's agree on one thing: no matter what you are wearing, what you are doing, who you are with, who you like to kiss, who you don't like to kiss...sexual violence is never okay.

Natalia Shafa's "The Still Not Asking For It" campaign is about is about "creating a recognizable community of activists who wear petitions disguised as t-shirts.  It is about starting the conversation on rape culture at every street you walk down, and taking an active role in changing the status quo of how the bully, the bullied, and the bystander respond to street harassment. The goal?  For enough people to wear this shirt that its message becomes culturally irrelevant, obvious and passé."

Natalia has got it right. Stand with her and support the campaign. Maybe you're not in a position to donate financially; maybe you'd like to help fund the cause without wearing the shirt. That's all okay. Let's use "The Still Not Asking For It" campaign as a way to reexamine how we handle street harassment and inhabit public spaces. We have the power to change.