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Goddess Tarot Tuesday: THE STAR

Inner GoddessLily MyersComment
The Goddess Tarot was designed and created by Kris Waldherr.

The Goddess Tarot was designed and created by Kris Waldherr.

The first thing that strikes me about the Star card in the Goddess Tarot deck is its sheer beauty. The dark blue, the circle of stars, the goddess reaching up to the crescent moon: it all paints a picture of serenity, wisdom, and faith-- which is exactly what this card represents.

On this card, we see the goddess Inanna (a great goddess of the Bronze Age, who was called the "Queen of Heaven"), wearing a belt of stars and standing in the middle of a starry circle. In feminist spirituality, the circle is a sacred place of safety and knowing. It's a place to get in touch with your deeper self. This is what we see depicted here by Inanna: she is by herself in the circle, reaching up toward the heavens--combining her deep inner knowing with a higher wisdom.

Okay, I know this all sounds a bit vague and mystical. The Star is a mystical card. It represents guidance, hope, wisdom, serenity. It represents looking inward and upward to find inspiration. Pulling the Star card is like taking a deep exhale, returning to a centered state of faith and calm. It suggests taking a peaceful attitude: we have the wisdom we need within us. One only needs to look up at the stars to remember that.

This is a great week to rekindle or renew a meditation practice. It's a great week to become more introspective than usual, and appreciate the knowledge and strength of your inner world. This week, remind yourself to keep faith--even if you don't have a rational reason to. The Star is your rational reason: it's a promise that you do carry your necessary resources within you. This is a great week to breathe deeply and remind yourself to be calm. Even in stressful times, the Star watches over us, serene. This card reminds us that we too can be serene.

This card is especially fitting for this time of year. Winter is a naturally introspective time, with the darker days and early nights. Incorporate a practice of peace into your daily life, a re-centering, and you can forgo a lot of the usual winter blues. When you need a reminder, look at the night sky. Inanna and her stars remind us to exhale, to slow down, to believe.

Happy star-gazing, goddesses. xo