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PLAYLIST: Songs for Growin' Girls

Mindful MediaLily MyersComment

Emma and Maddie from The F Word, the rad feminist club at my personal alma mater (shout out to Roosevelt High School), wrote in to share their collaborative Spotify playlist, "Songs for Growin Girls".  They explain their inspiration:

"We started 'songs for growin girls' when we were both struggling through rough patches. Our lives--and the lives of many other teenage girls--get crazy with boy drama, girl drama, people drama, personal drama, and LIFE DRAMA! The worst part of it is that we live in a society that mocks teenage girls. Our culture treats young women like their issues are trivial, but these conflicts often consume huge parts of our lives.

Instead of painting these challenges as setbacks, we decided to give them some legitimacy and positivity, and remind ourselves that rough patches are inevitable parts of growth. Teenage girls aren't vapid, we're powerful. We deal with misogyny on top of our regular young adult emotional strife everyday. This playlist is a collection of the music that's helped us through these rough patches, or growing pains, as we prefer to call them.

The coolest feature of it is that Spotify allows you to make these collaborative playlists, so other young girls (and queer folk!) can add the songs that have helped them through their own growing pains too. We hope you like it!"

Note: you must be signed in to Spotify for the songs to play.