The Shapes We Mae


Inner GoddessLily MyersComment

As you may know, each week I pull a card from The Goddess Tarot deck (created and illustrated by Kris Waldherr). I try to apply the card's themes to everyday life: how can we use each card's teachings to heal, grow, expand, and generally become more holistically kick-ass?

This week is one of the simply happiest cards of any Tarot deck: The Sun.


The sun, intuitively, represents joy and bright energy. It's a joy brought by clarity, rather than vague contentment that may be numb or dulled down. The sun is anything but numb… this is a joy that comes from knowing, from seeing, from being inspired. This card is about celebrating life, fiercely and vivaciously. The Zorya, in mythology, are a trio of sister sun goddesses who watch over the sun god, letting out his sun-chariot during the day and bringing it back at night. They thus control when to let the solar light shine brightly, and when it's time to come inside and let the darkness occur. This implies that we can choose, to some degree, when we want to tap into the sun's joy. It may not be as elusive as we think.

The Sun is emblematic of yang energy (as in, yin and yang). Yin is quieter, more receptive, emotional, intuitive, lunar, and feminine. Yang is extroverted, louder, rational, solar, and masculine. (This does not mean that these traits belong to women and men, respectively--rather, we all contain both energies within us, and we may tap into either one). Tapping into our solar yang energy--being boisterous, outgoing, taking charge of a situation, letting our light shine brightly--is a really good exercise for anyone, especially people (like me) who tend to hang out in the lunar zone more often. The Sun reminds us that while fluidity between these realms is important, now is the time to step out into the bright, loud, joyful light. Just for a while.

Questions for this week: What is something in your life right now that's bringing you utter, simple joy? Take time to celebrate that thing. What's something you've been wanting to do, something simply to make you happy? Now's a good time to indulge in it. Are there situations in which you want to speak, or sing, or share your voice loudly? Do it! The Sun reminds us not to hold ourselves back. Is there someone in your life who needs more light right now? Can you shine your light onto them? 

It's a great week for: humor, music, being outside, doing sun salutations, making loud noises, dancing, and doing the small specific things that bring you simple and pure joy.

Happy solar-streaming, everyone! xo