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The Goddess Tarot deck was conceived and designed by Kris Waldherr.

The Goddess Tarot deck was conceived and designed by Kris Waldherr.

Happy Tuesday, loves! I was so excited this morning to light some cedar incense and pull out my Goddess Tarot deck. It's the beginning of a new month, which I find HIGHLY symbolic. New months are natural transitions; divisions in time so we can reflect, recalibrate, and renew.

So I was happy, but not too surprised, to pick XIII Transformation as this week's card. This card is one of the Major Arcana--meaning the cards in the Tarot deck that represent life's big lessons--so it's a deeply significant message. In the traditional Tarot deck, this card correlates to XIII Death. That can be a scary card to see, but it very rarely means actual death. Instead, it means the ending of a cycle so a new one can begin. In Japanese mythology, the goddess Ukemochi willingly gave up her life so that her body could become food for her people. Death became life so the cycle of the world could continue. Her ending became sustenance for new beginnings.

While I certainly don't suggest that any of you take on a sacrifice as large as Ukemochi's, the symbolic power of this myth is useful in taking stock of our lives. What can you let go of, in order for something new to thrive? This card makes me visualize a tree. You must cut away the dead branches in order for the healthy ones to thrive-- otherwise the whole tree suffers. If your life is the tree, what branches can you cut? What are you carrying that you don't need anymore? When you cut away the dead branches, the parts of your life that are weighing you down, you will feel an amazing new sense of lightness. This is my goal for November: give up the pursuits that I know to be unimportant, to make room for the ones I truly care about. And I really do feel lighter already. Cutting away what is unnecessary has given me a sense of clarity and drive.

Be honest with yourself about what extra weight you're carrying. Maybe you signed up for too many classes and projects, and you need to let a few go so that you can excel at the others. Maybe you're carrying around resentment from past relationship conflicts, and you need to let go in order for new relationships to thrive. Maybe you need to give up just ONE commitment a week so that you have time to yourself. Maybe you need to spend less time working for other people so that you may pursue your true passion. 

To think about this week: An ending is ALWAYS also a beginning. What can you put to rest, to allow for something new? What do you want to thrive in your life-- and how can you make space for it? What branches can you gracefully cut away?

Happy transforming, loves!