The Shapes We Mae


Kate WeinerComment

In addition to Shapes We Make, I work on Loam, an environmental arts magazine, in collaboration with my amazing friend Nicole Stanton and the incredible designer Giorgia Peckman. We are so excited to share with you all our first full-length magazine, that not so incidentally features profiles on cool, compassionate, and creative female artists, ecological advocates, and activists. Learn how to make an onion skin dye from compostable materials from the lovely Adriana Moreno of Moonshadow Goods. Peep superlady musician/poet Jamila Wood's playlist of the hottest emerging musicians. Ground your energy with the guidance of plant-based powerhouse Kimora Brock. And more...

Follow the link to the magazine here and stay tuned for Shapes We Make's own little 'zine in the next month! (And Lily's new column for Loam on earth/feminism/spirituality. We know. EXCITING).

Happy Sunday loves!