The Shapes We Mae


Kate WeinerComment

Adrienne Rich noted that when one woman told her truth, she created the space for more women to share their experiences. In many ways, this simple philosophy is the basis of Shapes We Make. We want to work together to build a nurturing environment that celebrates our truths.

Recently, while perusing Brain Pickings (an amazing site curated by an amazing woman) I stumbled across this interview with Alice Walker. Alice talks about when she first learned to tell the truth. It was an experience that opened her up to the idea that each time we are vulnerable, honest, open, we multiply our potential to love. Says Alice:

"It is possible that if you tell the truth not only will you be delivered yourself from the prison of untruth, but the person who hears the truth will also be opened and can be delighted."

Let's sit with that idea today. Telling your truth is a way of giving love. And we can all use more truth and love in this world.