The Shapes We Mae


The Feminist's BookshelfLily MyersComment

If you're looking for a fierce, sugary, angry feminist treat that's as sweet as a cupcake and as explosive as a grenade--look no further. Earlier this summer I got my hands on Dietland by Sarai Walker, and I enjoyed every minute of it. It's part dystopian nightmare, part feminist revenge fantasy, and part discovery of self-love: a delicious recipe indeed.

We meet our narrator, Plum, waiting for her real life to begin. She is overweight in a world where thinness is the only accepted body type, so she spends her days trying to be invisible, waiting for her upcoming weight loss surgery. Only then, she is sure, will her eal life begin. But when the world experiences violent attacks from a mysterious woman named "Jennifer", Plum is suddenly swept up in an adventure she never imagined. She meets strange and empowered women, and discovers an underground network of feminists who live boldly on their own terms.

It's not a perfect book by any means-- there are certain character dynamics that I didn't quite get, that felt forced or heavy-handed. But overall, this book is a real treat-- an angry treat. Because the best part, I have to say, is the revenge fantasy portion. A secret underground feminist network enacting revenge on a patriarchal world?! Count me in. This book, my dears, is definitely worth adding to the body-love-stop-the-patriarchy section of your library. (I'm not the only one who has one of those, right?)