The Shapes We Make



Lily Myers is a writer, feminist, and witch from Seattle, Washington. She graduated from Wesleyan University, where she competed on the slam poetry team and won Best Love Poem at the 2013 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational for her poem “Shrinking Women”. Her debut novel, This Impossible Light, a coming-of-age story about family and body image, is due out from Philomel on June 6. She loves the rain, libraries, fruit snacks, and Tarot. Follow Lily on Twitter: @lmyerspoetry.   

Kate Weiner is a writer and farm-to-table event planner with a passion for food justice and ecological sustainability. As a student at Wesleyan, she founded both the Urban Farms Collaborative and the Wild Walls vertical gardening movement. With writer Nicole Stanton, Kate is the Co-Editor of environmental arts magazine Loam. She is a 2015 Brower Youth Award winner and hosts workshops across the country on embodying hope, environmental activism, and mindful movement. She loves silly dancing, avocado smoothies, and walking around. Follow Kate on Instagram: @loammagazine.


We've been friends since we were randomly assigned as roommates freshman year. We've gone through major moves, big fights, music festivals, and getting lost in the Atacama desert together and hell, we're still here. We love what we do and we love learning from you. So thanks, SWM readers, for all the support. Much love!